Supplier's FAQ's


What is WhatsMall?

WhatsMall is a secure online department store which connects millions of prospective consumers to our certified suppliers around the World. WhatsMall aims to deliver a convenient and secure online shopping experience to both consumers and suppliers; Offering our supplier a one-stop online shopping destination and a means to expand from the traditional brick and mortar business.

Why WhatsMall?

By being WhatsMall's supplier,you can enjoy

  • Unique URL address for your online store
  • Multi-payment method acceptance, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, China UnionPay, AliPay etc
  • Comprehensive eStore, checkout, product and fulfillment processing capabilities
  • Built-in advanced anti-fraud tools
  • Comprehensive real time sales order and transaction analysis report
  • Free marketing and traffic generation
  • Quality 24/7 Hotline account support


Is it secure to conduct transaction through WhatsMall?

WhatsMall provides a comprehensive risk management for both buyers and suppliers.With equipping risk alert infrastructure, details of the buyer such as IP address,card issuing region,credit card number and purchase pattern of the buyer will be reviewed during checkout process.If a transaction is defined to be risky,alert will be shown in supplier's order report and certain risky transactions will be blocked directly. WhatsMall also limits transaction number and volume to reduce the risk facing by suppliers.


Am I eligible to be a supplier?

Suppliers form Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines with valid business registration documents are welcome to apply for a supplier account. Application will be reviewed and the result will be sent to your registered contact email. Application will be opened for suppliers based in other countries soon. Your kind attention towards upcoming WhatsMall announcement is appreciated.


What kind of information is needed to apply for a supplier account at WhatsMall?

To speed up the application process, besides general company information, it is suggested to prepare the following documents and information. For the documents (point1-4), please provide color scan copy of the original certificate or documents.

  1. Proof of identity (Copy of Director's Identification Card or Passport. If Director is HK resident, please provide HKID),
  2. Proof of address (Copy of corporate account bank statement of recent 1 month)
  3. Copy of business registration
  4. Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable)
  5. Identity proof of beneficial owners who owns 25% more of share
  6. Sample product (description and product image is required)
  7. Delivery, refund and return policy the store is going to apply


When will my account be activated?

With full details of application information, your application will be reviewed and follow-up in two working days.


When will I be charged for fees related to account opening?

To go through application process, card limit of the according fee will be held. Once the account is approved, the charge will be debited form your card account. Please check your email box for further account information if relevant charge is debited.


What should I do if I forgot the login ID or password?

Please provide information such as supplier ID to our operation team through registered e-mail for requesting log-in information. Further information may be acquired to verify the identification.


How can I get started to sell my products online with WhatsMall?

You can have a quick start by applying a WhatsMall supplier account, placing your products and policies and then you are good to sell your items.


How can I fill an order?

When an order is received, you may complete the order by

  1. Check the payment and order
  2. Prepare delivery
  3. Update shipment information at supplier's administration page
  4. Buyer receive merchandise and give comment to the purchase experience

For more operation suggestions,please refer to the resource offered in supplier'sadministration page


What kind of payment method is supported by WhatsMall?

WhatsMall supports comprehensive payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, China UnionPay and AliPay etc.


Which settlement currency is supported by WhatsMall?

WhatsMall will settle in HKD and USD which will be coincided with your currency choice during application.


When and how will I get paid?

Settlement will be processed twice a month in accordance to settlement schedule. For example, sales between 1st Jan and 15th Jan will be settled on 16th Feb (refer. to Table 1.2). For each settlement, settlement charge will be charged. For the settlement amount which is more than HKD 300 (USD 35), it will be settled for the period; otherwise the amount will be held and accumulated until the amount over HKD300 (USD 35). The following is a part of the fee schedule and details of settlement. For update detailed fee schedule, please refer to the below "Fee Schedule" in accordance to chosen currency. The currency conversion fee shall be added 1% to the exchange rate.

Hong Kong
Settlement Currency HKD USD
Settlement Fee
(settlement amount: > $300 HKD or $35 USD)
HKD 5.00 USD 2.00 USD 30.00
Payment Method Bank Transfer Cheque Deposit Telegraphic Transfer
Chargeback Handling Fee HKD 200.00 USD 25.00 USD 25.00
Table 1.1: Fee Schedule

Below is a settlement schedule for reference.

Pay Date Payment Details
2/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 1/1 And 1/15
2/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 1/16 And 1/31
3/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 2/1 And 2/15
3/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 2/16 And 2/28
4/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 3/1 And 3/15
4/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 3/16 And 3/31
5/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 4/1 And 4/15
5/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 4/16 And 4/30
6/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 5/1 And 5/15
6/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 5/16 And 5/31
7/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 6/1 And 6/15
7/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 6/16 And 6/30
8/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 7/1 And 7/15
8/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 7/16 And 7/31
9/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 8/1 And 8/15
9/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 8/16 And 8/31
10/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 9/1 And 9/15
10/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 9/16 And 9/30
11/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 10/1 And 10/15
11/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 10/16 And 10/31
12/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 11/1 And 11/15
12/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 11/16 And 11/30
1/1 Sales (excluding reservation) between 12/1 And 12/15
1/16 Sales (excluding reservation) between 12/16 And 12/31
Table 1.2: Payment Schedule

WhatsMall will deduct corresponding charge from sales amount before settle to suppliers account. Also, a rolling reserve of 10% for 120 days will be reserved as stated in the pricing. For more detailed calculation record, please refer to the settlement report which can be found after logging in your WhatsMall supplier account.


How can I reduce dispute form the buyer?

Below is some common reason of dispute arises from the buyer:

  • No clear instruction on return of item
  • No reply or late reply from supplier
  • Dissatisfaction with the product or service
  • No merchandise is received

In our experience,most of the above issues can be avoided by managing the buyer's expectation and this can be done by:

  • Good communication
  • Clear, completed and accurate item description
  • Clear delivery policy
  • Clear return policy
  • Fast dispatch and fast shipment
  • Clear instructions and notifications
  • Prompt Reply on every question


How can I operate my store?

When your supplier account is approved, a set of log in ID, log in name and password for supplier to log in our administration tool will be sent to your registered operation email in two separated emails. In the mean time, a detailed operation guide will be sent with the email as attachment. After logging in the administration tool, you may also find the guide at resource section.